Tomorrow's Bond
is a geek
Like you!

Become an intelligence officer at MI6

Today’s MI6 doesn’t need suave martini-drinking spies. No stunt-drivers, action heroes or tuxedos. Our ideal candidate isn’t Pierce Brosnan in GoldenEye. (Sorry, Pierce.) It’s you: the geek who knows that GoldenEye was the best game on the N64.

A note on covid-19

The nation needs people like you, but we’ll never risk your health. Unlike the Bond films, our priority is our people’s safety – including from COVID-19. We’ve taken our interviews and assessments online and we ensure that our offices are COVID-safe spaces.

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Why you?

Pick a card, any card, and find out why we need skills like yours.

Who we are

We’re MI6: the team who work in secret to support the UK and our allies around the world. It’s not high-speed car chases or high-stakes poker games though. You’ll likely find us coding at a desk, or getting to know a contact in a café.

It’s work that needs lateral-thinking tech whizzes with real people skills. And if that’s you, it doesn’t matter what your background is, where you went to university, or what work experience you have: you’re what we’re looking for.

Our values


Working against the smartest threats,
unexpected ideas give us the upper hand.


We don’t shy away from a challenge:
we step up to protect the nation.


We always act within the law,
and with government oversight.


Every single member of our team is valued:
we support each other as equals.

What does an
Officer  do?

Working here isn’t about flexing your muscles. It’s about flexing your brain. But what could you be doing? There are four key areas:

What’s it really like at MI6?

We all know the myths. We’ve all seen the films. But here’s the reality: MI6 is an inclusive, supportive, and surprisingly safe place to work.

Our careers are family-friendly

Lots of us here have families, and MI6 is incredibly supportive of that. Here’s how:

  • Shared parental and adoption leave
  • Paid special leave when you need it
  • Flexible working as the norm
  • A working parents support group
  • Family-friendly postings
  • Immediate family can know what you do

You’re always contactable

Little one feeling sick at school? Flatmate lost their keys? No problem – we aren’t off-the-grid. You’ll be as contactable as any other job.

Flexible working is the norm

We aren’t action heroes, but we sure are flexible. Many colleagues at MI6 work compressed hours or part time – it’s all about finding what works for your lifestyle.

You’ll build a support network

With affinity groups on gender, ethnicity, disability and more, you’ll find mentors, role models and common ground with colleagues across the organisation.

Open to Everyone

Find out about how we support applicants like you.

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Eligibility requirements

All this sounds right up your street and you’re ready to take your geekdom to the next level. So what more do you need?

  • British citizenship or dual British nationality, currently living in the UK
  • Minimum 2:2 degree or higher (or predicted in the next six months)
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